Anyone ever had trouble with Vodafone?


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My other half got his first ever contract mobile yesterday, one of the new Blackberry Storms. He charged it up all day yesterday and they told him that his phone should have been working by the end of the day.

It instead came up sim card rejected.

He phoned them and got cut off twice, spoke to people who couldnt understand what he was asking - the woman even said to him she couldnt understand why the sim didnt work but to try another sim, his other sim is o2, he told her that, she said well try it anyway then was shocked when it didnt even though he had told her it was o2 - wtf?!?!?!?

I just find this kind of stuff so infuriating. How can they let you take out a new phone yet you cant use it??? It could be like this for days if he never gets through to someone.

I tried calling them and what a surprise, got cut off!!

Why are mobile phone companies so bluddy thick and stupid :spank::spank:
do u know anyone with a similar phone, try their sim, if that dont work, goto one of their stores rather than wasting yr time on the phone.