Anyone else finding it pricier this year for holidays?


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Thought it seemed dear last year-however it seems to have gone up an extra £100 and the prices are going up as you get nearer!

I stayed in the Squash Apartments in Playa D'en Bossa from 7th Sept-15th last year flying from Glasgow and it was £410 each, now the cheapest is over £500-and these are for the jet which are fairly basic.

Has anyone got any ideas of anywhere that's cheaper? I really want to stay in Playa D'en Bossa though. Maybe it'd be cheaper to get flights separately.
I have accomodation out there so I only ever need flight only. But this year the flights have shot up in price & there is lees choice. Thank god for BMIbaby got a flight for £130 each but shitty flight times!
and since the disgusting easyjet bought go, the flights from gatwick are at rediculous early morning times. flying go to ibiza was so civilised and this year it will be as bad as on package flight. easyjet sucks
I think the prices go up every year, last year we paid £400 each which was seen as quite cheap havin chosen to fly from Dublin (cheaper cause of euro) instead of Belfast, however this year its costing me £480, again flying from Dublin and heading to ibiza rougly the same time as last year.

Havin said that when we booked, the flight times were spot on, only a few weeks ago got a letter from travel agent with flight times changed meaning we're missing out on first day!!

how crap!
Havin said that when we booked, the flight times were spot on, only a few weeks ago got a letter from travel agent with flight times changed meaning we're missing out on first day!!

How ridiculous!! :x I bet your pissed Mandy. There you go and try and book early and save then they pull that s***!! Where the hell has the service gone in the airline industry? In Canada we only have Air Canada which is ridiculously expensive or else a sh***y charter with your knees jammed up your face for 8 hours cause they got so many people stuffed on the damn plane. And then u can't even rely on the plane leaving on time or at all. I've done my share of flying across the pond and i remember it actually used to be a pleasant flight, no lines, loads of room and a decent meal. Complimentary drinks too - like i'll ever see that again!! :rolleyes:
Man! You guys seem to be paying a lot to travel a short distance! My flight to Paris from here in Austin, TX was only $550 (probably about the same in euros). That seems like a lot further to travel than from Dublin to Ibiza, but I guess I could be wrong. This is my first time overseas so I'm not expert. Someday I hope to be! 8)

well from Denmark we only have one choice! It´s an ok price, but nothing really outrageous....
Ungrejs are quite good and have new apartments this year overlooking Cafe del mar ect. The whole of Scandinavia shares one company to travel with, since Ibiza has a lack of interest due to the harsh rumours about it.
The prices are the same here....
i have noticed that some flights are more expensive...
but i think that was because easyjet bought out GO therefore their is not as much competition.....(well thats my reason anyway)
take the easy option


it my be copping out but i got to weeks in june form 21st till 7th july.
hotel and flights for 318 each.

travel agents are doing massive discounts as they can't shift the holiday.

i booked with 18 to 30's yes i no, cope out but. it means it's all done and i get to ibza.
then i get to tell them to stuff their trips.

got a hotel in the san an bay
did i mention the flights arrive ibiza 18.45 on saturday night.on 21st
leave on 7th july get to gatwick at 21.05

I got a really good deal because I am a student, and I got my ticket through sta travel. If you are a student or you are under 26 you can get a good deal too I think. You should check out their website:
I got a good deal also because I am flying on the 15th of June. One day later and it would have been $400 more! They consider the 16th the beginning of the high season.
Planes Are Expensive For Sure!!

I was looking for flights to Ibiza from Vancouver and the cheapest one I found was close to $1500. It was harsh, but what can I say I really want to go. Then I thought about somethin else, I could fly to say Paris or Amsterdam or any place in Europe (cheaper) and just hop on the Train tp Spain and catch the ferry to Ibiza from Valencia. What do you all think of that? lol, maybe extend my trip from 2 weeks to a month. Make some stops in some places, stay at some Youth Hostels on the way, just some nice cheap places. I thought it was a good plan! lol, needless to say I am excited! I think that would be a good way to go, for travel it work out to be around the same price (little bit cheaper) All I have to do is save a little more for accomodation and food along the way! So I think that I am gaining something, you?
Haha, spare a thought for me my friends.

I have searched high and low through the net and the cheapest flight i can find to Spain if i book now is $2,300 (flying from Sydney, via London).
Australian's are getting crucified with our exchange rate at the moment.

$1A is worth .57euro's at the moment. I have calculated that for 2 weeks in Ibiza, accommodation and airfares alone will cost me around $4,000. That's not including food, clubbing, drinking etc. I'm easily up for $5,000 just for 2 weeks in Ibiza and i'm coming to Europe for 2 months!!.

I better get back to work so i can pay for this, LOL.
yes I had to do a package deal to be able to afford Ibiza! Didn't want to but got quite a good deal. With 1st choice £340 flight, accomadation and half board. Going half board was cheaper then self catering for some reason??? So even if the food is shite it doesn't matter. Not that I'm planning on eating much at the hotel, I'd rather find some nice Spanish restaurants. :lol:

I think that's a great idea! That's what I decided to do, because my flight is going to be so much cheaper to fly into Paris, and I'm sure I'll have so much more fun too! When are you going?
kitten's head said:
That's excellent-where are you staying, lostinspace?

well not exactly in the heart of it all. Santa Eulalia. Which I know is quiet, but in a way I'm glad of it, so I can chill during the day and have a bit of peace and quiet! I don't want a whole week of caining it to the max, I also want to see a bit of the Island :)