any techno people out there ? / special party in space



hello !
las tuesday there was a special party in space , in the same schedule
as the carl cox parties were .
there were djing , dj rush , umek and marco bailey , that are
very very good techno djs .
i dont know of anybody that went there ... but i want to know
how was it !
i was also thinking about going to this party.

However i never.



i got these at carl cox's closing the week before.

i wonder how it went, i wonder.... :rolleyes:
Umek is class :p

Aint heard enough of Rush to comment- but what i have heard was quality- I've never heard a bad review of him either ;)
i think this party didnt work very good .. i
dont know nobody that went ...
but it is interesting because maybe space is
thinking in more techno nights for next year !!

Both Rush and Marco Bailey are class techno dj's. I heard thm both on I love techno a fwe years ago in Belgium.