Any news on Underground for 2003?



Underground is just outside San Antonio on the highway to Ibiza's on the right, just before Privilege and Amnesia.

This club/bar was ideal for us workers last entry, good music and some one off parties with top dj's, intimate atmosphere and small enough so u don't lose anyone, nice gardens with plenty of seating to chill outside with friends or meet up before going on somewhere, plenty of bushes/places outside around gardens to stash ur pre-bought bottles of vodka and fanta limon!!...c'mon..we can't afford bar prices every night..not on a workers wage!! ;)

Did anyone go last year? It was getting really popular towards end of season. I think it could really take off this year..I was wondering if they would start charging for entry tho? If they start putting regular parties on, they may have to.
hi shaz

it was a wicked little place. thursdays at the underground rocked!!!

keep an eye out for whats happening there......i'll keep u posted. i'm gonna chat with the guy to see whats goin. if things go to plan there should be some wicked parties with some wicked DJ's goin on all season.

Nice one Tom, I am SO looking forward to this summer. When are you going out?
hiya shaz

goin end of june and can't wait. proper works sucks!!!

will be good to seeya again. def gonna go manu carry on. can u believe that last one last year was the first i've been too in 3 yrs. wot a loser!!!!!

i'll seeya at bora bora x
Hi mate.
Flyin out june 27 with my mate Lucy (remember her?) and Adi J.
Def have to make the effort with carry on this year...that was the only 1 i went to all season too!
Garlands will be good tho, altho i wont be allowed to get too wasted....not b4 midnight on the terrace anyway..will make up 4 it after! ;)
Will be good to see you and every1 again, I'm sure all the old faces will turn up again!
See ya soon! x
a lot of people are not going back, well so they say. we'll just have to meet a load of new people and them trained how to party!
Yeah, thats what my mates said...but we'll see...

Oh my god, i just realised..i was trashed at that carry on..hope i didnt embarass myself! Me and Lucy had a row the monday night after gettin back from dc10 (was twatted so it all got blown out of proportion!) and instead of goin manumission (the only 1 i had tickets for all season too), i went to bed crying! I woke up next mornin, drank 2 bottles of vodka and turned up at carry on off my face! Apparently i was staggerin around bora bora in a right mess, oh dear! :oops: