Any news if DC10 will be opened this Summer?

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Gracias........this rocks....wasn't able to go to Circo Loco the last 2 years.....defn not going to miss it this time
wonder if the bit outside like this year will be for everyone? is this how they got round the cafe licence or whatever they had??
when we went one of our friends was speakin to the gaurdia and he said to her be fine from now on....
Opening of DC10 is always end of May / beginning of June... So it's not early...
Well you never know... Maybe it's open all year... Who knows? Nobody!
I've booked flights accordingly and bringing along a couple of Ibiza virgins. I do hope there are no last min hitches and DC10 opens!
Oh yes DC10 is back on 4:30pm to early hours of the morning.Shame not like the old days but hey just be thankful their back!! Yeah cardnt wait till July.xx
DC10 ( OPeN OR NOT 2010)?

I was under the idea dc10 was open for 2010 is this true? if so is it for the whole season? and why is it not listed on the ibizaspotlight party calender if so? im back out there sept 1st for 2 weeks
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