any news about AK MORGANA yet???

Taxi driver told me the other day that it should open up again at the end of May, but he had no idea if they had sorted out their license issues with music. Man, I love the taxi drivers here - they know everything!!

Appararently there are new concerns with the place (as far as the Police are concerned) coz of the number of accidents happening there (mainly with Italians for some reason) with people walking out of there onto the Ibiza-Airport road and getting hit walking back to their cars. Or causing accidents as they drive off drunk.. Don't see why this is any different than any other part of the island though.. The whole island is an accident waiting to happen!!!

I'll wander along next weekend and see if they've opened up - purely a fact-finding mission, you understand ;)

nice answer mart ;-)

i've heard rumours as well, 'apparently' licencing issues have been solved, but judging by last year's fiasco, i think it best to wait and see
AK Morgana is a restaurant with cfoll beats, a nice garden to have drinks in - looks like a maroccan palace, really beautiful