Any good info 4 someone wo wants 2 DJ Ibiza next year 2004!



Hi everyone, I'm seriously thinking of havin a go at DJing in Ibiza next season, I've already been told by the resident in Bar M to promote myself now for next year hence I'm going backout for a third time this year in September but I'd appreciate any advice or tips or any other help anyone can give, Cheers Karl.
P.S. Smile your in Ibiza!!!!!!!!

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Best advide is to get to know as many people as possible bar owners promotors other dj's e.t.c
Also have a mix cd handy
Finding a dj spot is more to do with who you know, like most things
I have done this b4 abroad in 97 in Spain along the costa del sol
I got there in April and went to all the different resorts up the coast from Torremelinos to benalmedena to fuingerolla to marbella and got to know people and played for free in some of the smaller bars. I left a contact no with everyone i met.
At te end of may most clubs opened up and i started working at a big club in torremelinos. I was also doing a few bars as well up the coast. it was a nightmare travelling and stuff but people got to know who i was.
The club i was working at closed to become a gay club and they wanted someone else to do this at the time ministry of sound had arrived to do a night at club Ja in Puerto Banus. I accidently bumped into the promotors one night and they knew who i was. They put me on the guest list for the opening night.
The night b4 the opening i got a call asking if i could fill in for the resident who couldn't make it from Holland. I was told i would be warming up for Frankie foncett. I played that night and learned loads of Frankie a few days later i was asked to do the following week as the resident couldn't make it again. I ended up doing the whole season and doind all sorts of smaller bars promoting the night e.t.c
I managed to do this because i was A quite lucky but mainly B i got to know everyone and put myself about a bit. It was hard work at first and i was pretty skint but it all paid off in the end.
Its a shame that things didn't take off with ministry when i got back but i did get plenty of work over here because of that.
If you go in sept things might be hard unless you have some work pre arranged but it might be a good thing to network and get to know people for next years season.
Cheers for advice, that was the idea to go back out for a week in sept and dish loadsa CD's out and talk to people and to go back in april. As for getting your mix online, i think the only two ways i can think of is to have your own website and stick it as an mp3 on that site or perhaps try one of the intenet radio stations.