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Discussion in 'The Ibiza cool season (October to May)' started by heatherp6, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. heatherp6

    heatherp6 Active Member

    Was going to be taking kids to see the salt flats , looking on google maps shows only buses go there on Wednesdays out of season, is that right , on Ibiza bus it says LXV, but dont know what that means,
    hubby and I walked back from there years ago, it took quite a long time, but we were a couple then, werent taking 3 youngsters, lol
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  2. heatherp6

    heatherp6 Active Member

    cant see days of the week as L X V , can anyone say what that means please
  3. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    I think "Lunes por Viernes" aka "Monday to Friday"

    X = "Por"
  4. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    L - monday

    X - wednesday

    V - friday
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  5. heatherp6

    heatherp6 Active Member

    Thanks Stivi, so could go out early Friday morning, leave at 1,30pm Spend some time in Ibiza town ,then watch part of the procession that leaves the Cathedral at abt 8pm, n try to work a route back to catch last bus back to San An x
  6. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    Whoops :eek:

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