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Hi Everyone,

I have been using this forum for the last few months in preparation for my first trip to Ibiza this summer and thought i'd pay back my debts to you guys and let you know what i thought...apologies that it isnt that focused on the clubs....

I'm 26 and have been meaning to go to Ibiza for about the last 9 years as I have always loved dance music but due to no one to go with, lack of money or other trips being planned i have never quite made it. Finally, this year i decided i would regret it for the rest of my life if i didnt go so booked up with my new gf who wanted to go. We were on a very tight budget but searched hard for flights and an apartment (£100 flights, £30 a night apartment etc) and I finally booked a trip for the 18th -23 September.

If you want a summary of my overall feelings on the trip skip to the bottom, otherwise here are my overlong ramblings on each day…apologies if it gets boring!

Me and my gf kind of fit in to an odd bracket i guess as despite being 20 and 26 respectively, we didn't want an 18-30 style San Antonio booze trip or a complete old persons trip or a complete clubbing trip....our aim was to go clubbing a couple times, explore the island a lot and stay out of the holiday resorts...i guess we kind of wanted a mixture of everything. So, here's my run down....

Day 1...
Arrived in at 2am Thursday/Friday and picked up our rental car from Auriga Crown (£65 direct from their website for the whole trip). Was upgraded to a Ford Focus but noticed when we got in that the full tank of petrol we paid for 70 euros for was not full. Went back and complained and they refunded me the full 70 euros so I really can't complain especially as we basically got what was in there (1/3 of a tank) for free. Got to our hotel in Figueretas (Aparthotel Tropical...part of the Luxmar complex) at 3.30am i guess. Figueretas was funny...really scabby and ugly and it reminded me of a resort from the late 70's that had fallen in to disrepair but it was quite amusing how ugly it was. The apartments matched the area and were pretty basic but for £30 a night, they were absolutely fine. We had a balcony that overlooked the road so there was great people watching and we could also see beyond the road over the bay. Can't complain really. Anyway, we wanted to be walking distance to Ibiza Town and the apartment was a base where we could sleep and save a bit of cash by doing our own that aspect, it was perfect and I would go back. Went to sleep at about 4.

Day 2...
Our fist proper day. Walked in to Ibiza Town and explored. Ordered too much (good) tapas in Plaza Parque and sat outside the cafe people watching and laughing at all the old rich men wearing white linen trousers and women with plastic surgery (a common activity for us on this trip!). Walked up Dalt Villa and then headed back to the hotel. It is getting a bit touristy but i really liked Ibiza Town and found the atmosphere there really most of ibiza such an odd (but good) mix of people.
As the weather had cleared up, we jumped in the car in the afternoon and spent the late afternoon exploring beaces with Cala Vadella definitely being our favourite for the day. The pictures i have seen online dont really do it justice as it was pretty empty and the water was lovely. On the way back stopped at Cala Moli to watch the sunset by Es Vedra which was beautiful.
Back out for a late dinner of tapas in Ibiza Town which was also really good (25 euros for 4 big dishes and 2 beers...not bad) and then some drinks in Sa Penya. Bit Touristy but really fun anyway. We werent planning on clubbing this night but after getting a free wrist band to goa at space, we headed there (via an old mans bar for some hideously cheap and strong drinks). Had a good night there and thankfully (given how little money we had), we had drunk enough that we only needed one beer each in the club. Just because we were actually in a club in Ibiza, we were in amazing moods and loved it though it was a shame the terrace was shut.

Day 3…
Woke up late and feeling horrendous after the previous night but headed out to beyond San Antonio to Cala Gracionatta which was lovely but a bit busy…well, I say that but there were actually about 30 people on it but its so small its hard not to be busy. Had a nice day there and enjoyed the bread and chorizo we took with us and then went to the Sunset Strip to see what all the fuss was about (following recommendations on here) and I have to say I was really underwhelmed. I had read that the café del mar was under a apartment building so was expecting it but watching a sunset with about 500-1000 people all with their cameras out just took away from what it should have been. I could tell that it was once amazing but it just felt like a massive tourist trap. That night we ate at the apartment and then went to People From Ibiza at Amnesia and loved it. Great club and although the music wasn’t anything cutting edge, it just had a really fun feel to it and a great vibe and also fulfilled my need for a messy night out clubbing. There was something about the club and venue that felt distinctly Ibiza and I loved that. Needless to say Day 3 pretty much drifted in to….

Day 4…
Where we relaxed by the slightly unpleasant hotel pool, slept and felt so fragile we stayed in Figeuretas for a drink that night and were in bed by 11pm. Bit of a write off really!

Day 5…
This was our big day to explore the island and find some deserted beaches and we woke up early, looked out the window and it was overcast ha ha. After driving to various beaches and getting a little fed with the weather and some not quite being as nice as expected as we our standards had got pretty high! Cala Boix was a bit windy and it rained while Cala Mastella was covered in seaweed. Then we found Pou D’Leo which was absultely beautiful and despite the overcast weather was a really nice spot for a walk. From there we then went to Cala D’en Serra which was the nicest beach of the whole trip and one of the nicest spots I have been to anywhere in Europe in a while. The beach was lovely, the sun came out, the water clear and there were about 10 people on it….it was everything we had hoped for and we spent the rest of the day there.
That night we were feeling massively run down and really weren’t up for a night out but had tickets to the Tiesto closing party at Priveledge so kind of had to go. Ironically this was supposed to be our ‘big’ night and we were just tired and not really up for it. I used to love trance and although I have gone off it a little, seeing Tiesto in Ibiza seemed like the kind of thing I should do. The venue is impressive if only for its size and the music was ok but I have to say it just didn’t feel like Ibiza…the crowd was very English, the club was a bit souless and very dark and other than the size of the venue, I felt like I could have been in any country in the world. After a couple of hours we basically gave up as we seemed to be sitting in the garden most the time and not in the club. We just decided we’d rather sit up on our balcony so went back and did that! As I said, it was partly our moods but also the club just didn’t do it for us.

Day 6…
We slept late and as this was our last day, didn’t have much planned. It was pouring with rain so we just drove to the Marina in Ibiza Town to have a look around and then stopped at a supermarket to stock up on chorizo to bring back J Headed to a the airport late that evening and boarded a plane with a lot of fragile looking clubbers.

Things I liked…
I loved the odd mixture of people…loads of rich people in white linens to laugh at, trendy young people, people like me, ravers, families, groups of housewives chilling out on the beach, Spanish, Italians, Austrians, Russians….it was great people watching and also created a really good vibe. I also liked the fact that while it was full of rich people, I didn’t feel excluded or like I was out of place, I just didn’t go to the bars they went to and am not sure I would want to. I loved the clubs and loved the way you could just not plan anything and see where you got wristbands for and even though I had a crap night, im glad I saw priveledge. Next year I want to try We Love, Pacha and DC10 though the alcohol prices make the daytime events a little restrictive as I’d like to drink on those a bit more. I could often be described as a bit of a moody clubber, sitting in the corner struggling to get in to a night but at clubs like amnesia, it was just impossible NOT to have a good time.
I also loved the fact that although we went out pretty late 3 nights, I still came back to the UK feeling really relaxed because it is such a nice island and I guess that is one of the big appeals of it.

Things I didn’t like…
I loved Ibiza but could see why people say it isn’t what it once was….I would have loved the clubs to be open air or to know that there were crazy beach parties happening all the time. Things do change and that’s fine and as I said, its still great but I could see it was probably even better before…why the hell didn’t I go 8 years ago when I first wanted to!!!
I knew how much drinks were going to cost though it was still a bit of a shock when you don’t get change from a 20e note for 2 beers, especially in Space when she tried to give me Budweiser...luckily I stopped her before she opened it and got some decent beer, but still…! Just go expecting it and it is fine. What did bother me was amnesia and Priveledge trying to stop you taking photos…it seemed one step too far. After paying 50e to get in to a club, then 10e a beer to then not let me take photos so they can sell me some is just beyond tight. Did sneak mine in to amnesia anyway but it’s the principle.
The Sunset Strip…yeah, I can tick it off my list but I certainly wouldn’t go back! Just felt like a massive tourist trap. How is watching a sunset beautiful when there are groups of English people drunk and singing and 800 people with you. Again, just wish I had seen it a few years ago.

So, to conclude….
I had read a lot of people on here before we left either absolutely raving about Ibiza or saying it just isn’t as good as before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I actually lie somewhere in between as I can definitely see why people may think it has gone down hill but it is still pretty amazing and unique. I travel a lot (work for a travel company and am best friends with someone who works for an airline) and can honestly say it was one of the best long weekends I have ever had. I will definitely be going back next year hopefully for a few days longer and also maybe add a little trip to Formentera.
Good review. You are right about Figueretes. Its handy but looks like a slum and its a bit seedy late at night, but as you say it fits a budgets and save on taxis. I met a lass who had a sh*tehole room for 25eu a night, I wouldn't have put a cat in it. Still thats what you get when you dont book anything. That was Bimbi on Carrer Ramon Muntaneer. Ibiza will grow on you when you come again, you'll get to know loads more and better places each time. See McRackins bar and party listings, he's got the best. Sign up to some of their websites too as you get info on whats happening when. Plan to come on a full moon too. Soon you'll leaving all of the big clubs behind. I think its the third or fourth trip when you have to fight the tears when you go home. Think not? Post again in 2010 and we'll see!:D

The Sunset Strip…yeah, I can tick it off my list but I certainly wouldn’t go back! Just felt like a massive tourist trap. How is watching a sunset beautiful when there are groups of English people drunk and singing and 800 people with you. Again, just wish I had seen it a few years ago.

I always thought the Ibiza sunset was about the celebration and symbolising the start of the night. I always love seeing friends getting together on the beach and meeting new people there. Is that not what Ibiza's about? People have been doing that since the 60s so you'd prob need to go back a good few years!
Thank's for the review,you certainly got around a bit,especially for 1st timers,obviously car hire is the key to this.
But.......why do you find white linen trousers so funny?
Also I like old mans bar for hideously cheap and strong drinks,salut....:)
maybe it is just becaue my gf constantly winds me up about being old so kept saying i should buy some! Also, to me it is 'the biggest wealthy man on holiday cliche' and i think a lot of people in Ibiza were trying to aspire to that. Anyway, just something i personally found quite amusing...apologies if i have offended the white trouser wearers :)

As for the sunset strip, i do see what you are saying but it just felt quite forced including the cheering/clapping at the end...maybe i just went with the wrong approach, i dont know.
As for the sunset strip, i do see what you are saying but it just felt quite forced including the cheering/clapping at the end...maybe i just went with the wrong approach, i dont know.

The last few years there have been a lot quieter since the new noise laws came into force. I used to think it was awesome seeing scores of people dancing on the beach with a DJ playing full blast as the sun went down not giving a sh1t!

It was always a good way to start the night! If you think about it in that light then you'll know what I mean.
yeah, the music was very quiet and very much secondary when i was there. Definitely no one dancing. what you described sound much better!
.....I think its the third or fourth trip when you have to fight the tears when you go home. Think not? Post again in 2010 and we'll see!:D

2nd and every time after that. And STILL feeling blue 4 weeks post-return. Not even the thought of planning a snowboarding holiday is helping.

Sunset Strip - I can see your point of view, but to me it's like the magical cross over from laid back daytime to the start of another minxy evening. I don't know if it's just me but as the sun drops I can feel the air crackle with anticipation of the night to come - whether I'd get that feeling if I was watching the sunset with a smaller group of people is doubtful. Although not being one to turn down a new experience, I've just found something else to put on my next Ibiza 'to do' list.....:)
Reading everyone's responses i think our problem was definitely that we awere actually on our way home for dinner from a beach on that side of was still a long way off the start of our night! Maybe i need to try it on my way out next time!
Like you, despite all attempts to get back to normal Im off to Carribean for 3 weeks Dec to Jan but its never so good as Ibiza, never, never, never. Plus i fell badly for a beautiful 5'10" dutch girl with an amazing mind. Lighter than hazel eyes, a smile that makes you shudder and the ability to laught at all of my silliness. I spent all of my time (nearly) with her and i got a totally unexpected double whammy. My Lucky Strike. But, its 2 weeks on and i still want to go back too, right now, stuff all my responsibilities. I am very au fait with whats for sale on the island!!

The taxi driver told me to stay (he was a natural romantic), the cafe lady where we said goodbye said she'd put me up for a bit (she said she was one in a million - in dutch- and was not wrong).

She's back in Amsterdam being brilliant, Im back in Sussex doing what i do (but could do anywhere) and longing for long evenings in open minded company.

And that was her first trip to Ibiza, what must she think!?

For godness sake, i'd better not meet you next year or there is no chance i'll get on that plane!!

This should be a PM but ...aaaah stuff it!
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Where in the Caribbean are you going? Went to Barbados and Grenada earlier in the year...didnt like barbados at all but loved Grenada...that and Ibiza were the nicest places i have been in a long time"!
I'm super jealous....i had 3 nights in Grenada! a few weeks in the caribbean sounds like a good way to deal withfalling for a lady in Ibiza!
Its very nice but there no vibe there and limited scope for random adventure, plus its all on American time (Dinner 7pm, bed by 11 latest), except for a few places, and me on the beach with my sax keeping them all awake if theyre unlucky enough to be in earshot. Last year I remember taking about an hour to drive back to my place from a party at Sandy Ground after meeting some folks with a very nasty spliff. (Anguilla is about 3 miles long).
but to me it's like the magical cross over from laid back daytime to the start of another minxy evening. I don't know if it's just me but as the sun drops I can feel the air crackle with anticipation of the night to come

Nicely put! That's exactly right!