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will open its doors the 24th and 31st of december :!: :!:

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McRackin said:
will open its doors the 24th and 31st of december

like most of the McExclusives - this information wasnt confirmed by anybody and it was based
on rumours. two weeks later the only date confirmed by amnesia is december 31st so probably
the other one wont happen!! :idea:

i overheard a conversation today that amnesia would be open for the 3 kings festivities - night of the 5th/6th january!
december 31st... stop

mar t and les schmitz (amnesia residents) inside... stop

oriol (discos delta record store and dj at pk2 and la alternativa) and igor m (cadena cien radio
and dj at privilege, blues and lucifer) in the terrace... stop

doors open at 1am... stop

the invitations (one drink obligatory) were already circulating around ibiza town today... stop

i think that the 5th january party will be a 'gorgeous party'.
when gorgeous was at pacha, they always did the party for
3 kings, now scandal will do it at pacha and gorgeous at
amnesia, possibly
now then dr. mick behave yourself - mackie's not the only plagiarist here you know. i think you'll find that it was he who posted a picture of a blue bus on here many moons before your article on san antonio was even in embryonic form.

S'alright guys, I'm not saying you can't "sample", but it's polite to give a link back to the original source. Is that too much to ask? Esp. when it's a whole article. (I'm not sure why posting a pic of a "blue bus" on an earlier occasion makes it any better tho.)

Re: &, I can give you guys a little scoop here. will continue to announce the schedule of the Space parties etc, but the lucky subscribers to our regular news mail will be directed to our new site,, which will contain all the hype, lies & gossip that we can fabricate.

We're in the middle of the changeover at the moment tho, so bear with us as we sort out all the logistics.

And why are we doing all this? Because we want to.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: