Amnesia VIP Balcony


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Can anyone tell me if you are ok to wear shorts in Amnesia if you purchase a VIP balcony ticket?

I know pants or trousers of some sort are a must if you have VIP tables in the likes of Amnesia or Pacha etc


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It does say you should wear trousers for Amnesia VIP, some people have got away with shorts but always better to be safe than sorry IMO.


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I think it depends on what and how you where it...

If you look 18 with skanky old trainers, and a football top it aint gonna happen.
If you turn up in a ferrari, tailored shorts, supper model girlfriend on one arm and a rolex on the other it will be VIP all the way...

I have had shorts on in both clubs and never had a problem but I sometimes think its not what you where but how you where it.


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This is my take on this from experience.

We purchased normal cream tickets last year through spotlight and upgraded at the club.

I wore knee length jean shorts and a shirt. We got in fine.

I think that is best option as they want the extra money on the door. If you buy here then technically they already have the money so have no reason to bend the rules per say.

I will be doing the same again this year and hoping for the best again.

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Agreed, you can be rocking the smart shorts look with a cool t shirt say, dont think theyd give a toss. On another note amnesia isnt really a stuffy club unlike sankeys you have to ware shorts, its that hot...