AMNESIA or HI? Any recommendations?


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We're planning our ibiza trip, please tell me your opinions: AMNESIA or HI? How do you think about the "elrow" party @amnesia and how about the "f*ck me i'm famous" @hi?

Why is nothing planned yet for the saturday evenings @hi? do you have any recommendations?

thank you all, greetings from austria


Elrow and FMIF aren't on the same night, but (assuming you just want a raucous party and aren't a serious techno head) you should definitely go to Elrow as it is a riot and the Amnesia terrace is an Ibiza classic. You should definitely not go to Guetta. Elrow is on a Saturday, so no need to worry what's on at Hi.


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I know that they are on different days.. But we are deciding for one of them. Ants @ ushuaia is fixed, so we are planning friday or saturday night. Any other recommendation?


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Depends on what type of party you’re looking for and what music you want to hear. Many of the parties have no even been announced yet.


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Depends what music you like. While both have big productions and stage sets (im expecting Hi to push the boat out for Guetta) the music is very different, Elrow is tech house, Guetta EDM and Pop. If your crowd only like stuff they hear on the radio Elrow may bore them, but if they like deeper electronic music Guetta may annoy them.

In terms of clubs i'd say Amnesia is more of a famous club to visit and feels more like classic Ibiza. But at the same time Hi has the best lighting and staging, so again depends what you want from a nightout really.
I was last year at Elrow (Ushuaia) and Guetta (Pacha; Pre Party for ToU). Both was nice... (Shame on me).

If you like to listen EDM / Guetta, go to Guetta. Nice crowd, good mood... I know, many see it differently. But I think so.
So you have a little diversion (Ants, Guetta).

Greetings from Germany