Amnesia - Main room v Terrace


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Now that the Terrace has had it's face lift is it still considered the terrace or the main room?

Went to Manumission last year and what I considered the Terrace (room on left when entering) was where all the action was.
Both 2 different experiences. The new terrace looks amazing but I still prefer the main room even if it looks/feels a lot smaller now. But I think that just adds to the intensity!

The raised DJ booth with the LED, screens and strobes when it's proper going off...

I don't think there's a main room anywhere else quite like it!
I'm gunna have to go with both, I probably do spend more time on the terrace though. Both have that 'awe' experience when you enter for the first time.
The main room is prob my favourite place on the Island!

Im not sure why, but i hate the terrace. Too open and light!
They are two different in all aspects!
Same as you can't compare meat to cheese you can't compare the main room to the terrace!
There is nothing better than being jammed in right in the middle of the main room underneath the ice cannon at Coccon or Cream!