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Ian K

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Good find, my mates always take the mick out of my fondness for innervisions and the guys but they are so so good, ive not heard these either so my evenings listening is sorted

Kim Wrong Un

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I just think something was lost when they traded club obscurity for festival superstardom. Resident Adviser had a lot to do with it because suddenly Dixon was being talked about as some kind of god and then all these other guys came along trying to copy him and it just all feels horribly reminiscent of the 90s and progressive house and all the pretentious wank that went with it. I'm all for experimenting and trying out different venues but this just feels very affected and divorced from the sweaty basements where these DJs didn't take themselves so seriously. I posted this on another thread but who writes shit like this? seriously?

"Housing the Innervisions show outside of the regular club sphere and instead on the concert hall’s celebrated stage in front of a seated audience offers attendees a cinematic experience like no other. Framed by the gargantuan Henry Willis organ, the visual experience will be enchanting and incomparable to the routine DJ booth encounters."