AK Morgana, this year will it open?


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i drove by in sept. and was sad to see the place was shut, probably still due to the music licence they had trouble with last year...anyone know more about this and if they will open this year????
Seems to me like the website hasn't been updated since 2002.

Has anyone actually gone this year?

What are the current DJ line-ups?

I've heard this place is great, but there is never any reviews.

Who could investigate this for us?

I'd love to see Tania Vulkano, among otheres, play there. It looks like a great alternative to the big clubs.
Kristoff K said:

Who could investigate this for us?.

good question.

Mcrackin..we have a job for you :lol: :lol: :lol:

there are some members that are in ibiza now, when they get back they may have been there etc.
Yep we need some Pics to see what the place is like this year, and maybe some prices from the menucard?? anyone had a meal there? whats it like???
all those questions hihi!!! 8)