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Air Berlin Now Flies from London to Spain

Berlin (ots) – From 19th December Air Berlin’s Majorca Shuttle will be flying daily between London Stansted and Palma de Mallorca. From there the Air Berlin City Shuttle provides fast connections to the Iberian peninsula: to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga and Ibiza. On Wednesdays and Fridays there are also connecting flights from Palma to Almeria, Jerez de la Frontera and Faro (Portugal).
A one-way ticket to (or from) Palma is available from GBP 19 (29 euros), and a ticket to a destination on the spanish mainland can be booked for as little as GBP 35 (49 euros). Prices include all taxes and charges. On-board service is also available at no extra cost: a snack and soft drinks are included in the price. In addition there is a 33 % reduction for children under 14 as well as the opportunity to collect bonus miles. When you check in you will be allocated a seat on the plane without additional charge.

Air Berlin flights can be booked at the same price online (, by calling the airline’s Service Centre (0870 – 738 88 80) or through travel agents.
This is great one way flight Stansted to Ibiza £40 (i just paid £160 return easyjet to Palma & Iberia to Ibiza) however it seems you can't book a return flight from Ibiza to Stansted?

Is it me or am i doing it wrong?
No it seems you have to swim back :confused: Just phoned them because my partner in crime thought it might be a good idea to go to Ibiza for new year, and indeed they don't do Ibiza- Stansted. Hm...will have to see if you can go back via Majotca or Barcelona.
i read the release as meaning you can fly
stanstead - mallorca - ibiza
ibiza - mallorca - stanstead
air berlin

You can come back with Iberia (I think) to Palma and Air Berlin from Palma to Stansted. Book on cost one way about £84. Or you can overnight in Palma and do it all with Air Berlin. (book 2 separate tickets. 1 to Palma and 1 the day after to Stansted.)
I spoke to Air Berlin today who said that i can get from stansted to Ibiza on for £32 and to return i have to make my own way from Ibiza to Palma where i can then get a flight from Palma to Stansted for £20. Iberia Ibiza to Palma one way will cost £52.

So £104 return is still a good price, but when i asked what happened to the plane once it arrived from Palma in Ibiza (usually it would return with passengers to Palma) the lady had no idea. She also couldn't tell me they would only do one way flights to a destination!

Just booked some air berlin flights to Palma so in Ibiza for NYE,

Anyone any ideas for what to do there for a night as don't think the 1st ferry leaves til the next morning.

barcelona - ibiza ?

does anyone have any information on the flights from barcelona to ibiza in winter, how regular and how much they cost?
air berlin have announced that the cheap tickets to ibiza are uneconomical for them and so they will be increasing prices to bring them more or less into line with the 'normal' spanish carriers
Air Berlin now allow you to fly back from Ibiza to Stansted via Palma. It's available on their website. However due to the massive increases it was still cheaper for me to go easyjet to palma then iberia from palma to ibiza and back. £148 instead of £189 with Air Berlin + they have much more flight times.
Air Europa is good from Barcelona to Ibiza in Winter - last year we did a one way from Gatwick to Barca on Easyjet, killed a few hours in the lovely city and then caught our one way evening flight from Barca to Ibiza on Air Europa (reversed the journey on the way back). Was quite a good deal in the end, can't remember exactly how much though, sorry..