I am going to Ibiza with some friends at the end of july. We are around 17 years old. Are we to young for Ibiza or do we find enough girls and guys at our age?
Stick to San Antonio and you'll find loads of people your age mate
I'm the same age as u, and there were loads of people our age everywhere we went! so your be fine!
im the same age as you too :) theres 5 of us girls going late Aug, Two of us went last year and it was great. Age didn't matter at all and we had a gr8 time. We were 16 at the time, though didn't feel out of place one bit, ended up haveing a great holiday and meeting great friends. Enjoy it x
As girls you always find space to fit in,
Im 18 now, 19 in the summer and there are a lot of people my age around.
I live here and all my friends are my age.
But for boys, its a little harder, either you have to go into the clubs at a 2 girls to 1 boy ratio and get them to take you in with you. (might not always work)
Or you just stay in san Antonio as there are lots of smaller clubs there with no real age limit. But then again you get a lot of young kids there aswell.

Id say start applying for a fake ID, if you look anything like 18???