Afterlife at Hï Ibiza

Discussion in 'Ibiza parties and clubs' started by james, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    @moesalama what date range are you considering?
  2. moesalama

    moesalama Member

    was thinking 30th august for ben klock @ afterlife..

    but were rethinking again & honestly we cant find one decent week which we can spend on the island.
  3. mr_why

    mr_why Well-Known Member

    Resistance? Those line-ups are pretty damn good too...
  4. moesalama

    moesalama Member

    i know but were looking for 2-3 parties during the week & we cant find a consistent week & after afterlife @ hi reviews i dont think well consider it as an option.

    the best thing we can do is push it till mid september so theres a change in the overall island crowd.
  5. soha

    soha Active Member

    Off topic but I'm loving that Hawtin vid from amnesia main room so much.
    I was there that night but spent it in the terrace for sven all nigh long. My fav night at cocoon ever
  6. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

  7. ziyanettin

    ziyanettin New Member

    To be honest, they are already huge... A bit ridiculous actually.

    My best memories with Tale of Us is between 2013-2016. Good old life and death days, after this Afterlife propaganda started, their music became a bit, well its like i am hearing the same tunes for the last 2 years (although they are playing totally different tracks)..

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked their party last year at Vista, had a great night in September with Ame and Tale of Us, i still enjoy their set from time to time. But for me they lost a bit of the creativity part. They are a huge business, props to them, well deserved. But i believe their music is becoming stale.

    Is it possible to be huge and still do creative stuff and evolve, well, ToU can not touch Innervisions crew. (especially Dixon)

    They do great line ups though, i really respect them and next year will probably stop by on a thursday.

    The only thing i am afraid on the party is afterlife fans are becoming Eric Prydz fans...
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  8. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

    Unrealllll years for music. TOU and Art Department @ Digital in 2012 one of the best nights i’ve had
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  9. DCAmbrose

    DCAmbrose Member

    Have you listened to the new album?
  10. Nostalgic

    Nostalgic Well-Known Member

    Excellent tracks. Love the thugf***er track

    Heres another beauty
  11. ziyanettin

    ziyanettin New Member

    Eeehmmm.. Which new album?

    If you are talking about their classical music album, Endless, well its not really new isnt it being all last year and that... And the critics were not impressed (of that genre)

    If you are talking about the new Afterlife album, realm of consciousness pt. 3 which has only one ToU track, its ok. There are like 2-3 very good tracks, rest is meeh.
  12. DCAmbrose

    DCAmbrose Member

    This is all their new stuff on the upcoming album

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  13. ziyanettin

    ziyanettin New Member

    They put all their new album stuff on GTA V mix? Wow. Let me give it a go. How is it? =)
  14. DCAmbrose

    DCAmbrose Member

    I still need to give it a full listen just heard bits from playing in the game but I definitely have liked it so far. Their more recent stuff I wasn't really digging (such as Nothing Around Us, Swallow and CDM remixes). But The Hangar and Monument were pretty great. I am looking forward to the Afterlife 24h ADE party.
  15. Ian K

    Ian K Active Member

    that one definitely slipped under my radar....
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  16. cunninghamali

    cunninghamali Well-Known Member

    Any report's from yesterday ?
  17. lee111s

    lee111s Well-Known Member

    I’d guess similar to the last 6 weeks.

    Good music, shit crowd. Too hot, bad sound.
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  18. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Be interested to hear, as musically that club room line-up is the best they've ever put on. If Gerd, Ben & Modeselektor can't get them dancing, then nothing will.
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  19. Neo95gt

    Neo95gt Active Member

    From an Instagram standpoint, this party has looked the best of the season.
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  20. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    this statement is just so wrong on so many levels!
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