Advice sought on getting to/from Ibiza


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My friend and I will be coming from Munich on Sep 23 and are trying to find the best way to get there. Flights from Munich to Ibiza (with stops) and then to Barcelona (our next destination) seems to be running $800 each via Cheapo Air.

I've checked Ryanair, and found a flight from Barcelona to Ibiza for $0.00 (plus taxes). Why would it be listing it as no price, but still let me book? Obvious web error? Anyone dealt with these guys?

We're trying to get there for our 4 or 5 nights as affordably as possible. I had thought that intra-Europe flights were quite affordable, compared to North American flights. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, it'd be much appreciated.
Ryanair sell lots of flight`s for free, unfortunately they are no where near free when you add all the addition charges, ticket fee, check in fee, they were even talking about a £1 to use the toilet, have a look at then try going direct to the airlines web page, sometimes cheeper.
Have a good one