Advice required for sister of club-nutty baby brother!!



Greetings to all,

I need an opinion off any Ibiza regulars about the (supposed) age limits at most of Ibiza's clubs. My parents are thinking about packing my 17-year old brother off to Ibiza this summer to prevent him dying of boredom by coming to Florida with us. (Would love to join him except 1) I'm skint and 2) I'm skint ;) ) As he's a hardened technohead, he's not exactly wanting to go to Ibiza for the beautiful scenery, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me how strictly the age limits are enforced at the clubs over there?

Bit of an odd question I know, but any help would be much appreciated :D

the big clubs should be no bother.Some of themore exlcusive bars in Ibiza Town may be a problem, but i dont think he's gonna be interested in them.
LOL just the answer I was looking for, I can get rid of him for 2 weeks! ;)

Although I AM slightly jealous, when I was 17 most people thought I was 12 - so still do!
My god your parents are irresponsible!! I would never send my kid to eivissa. That´s for sure.
If I was 17 and was to go to Florida I would be thrilled, but obviously your parents don´t have a clue about Ibiza. If he´s such a "techno" (the word doesn´t even exist anymore!)-head then going to Ibiza would only make it worse, regarding the possibilities of getting stoned, high or drunk.

Hmm your choice, I personally don´t think it´s a good idea!" :evil:
take it easy IG!!!!
i don't know, but young adults at that age can be responsible, i know i was....
yeah ok!

yeah I know...I wasn´t though, hehe! ;)
I guess I´m just forgetting what it was like almost 9 years ago on my behalf haha, my a** is getting too damn old! :p
Don't worry I agree, I think he's barmy to not want to go to Florida personally but I'd rather stick him in Ibiza than listen to him moan about how bored he is for 2 weeks ;)

I doubt he'd get into any trouble, he's too laid back for that LOL
I was in Pacha last year and met 2 chaps who turned out to be 15. They were on holiday with parents and sneaked off for the night. As long as he looks his age he will have no problems but make sure he's got plenty of money if he wants to go clubbing!
Are you people serious. I have never met a responsible or mature 17 year old. They don't exist. Why? Because at that age, they simply haven't had enough life experience to be mature or responsible.

Sounds to me like your brother is a spoilt brat. Any kid that whines about his parents taking the family to a place like Florida for a holiday for which he pays NOTHING is downright spoilt.

He has his whole life ahead of him to hit clubs and the like. he is showing his immaturity right there.
i agree VG, i think to go to ibiza with a crowd of mates you would need to be at least 20 yrs old to appreciate everything about it. 17 is way too young, with the whole drug scene too, you know what that age is like. they would be up 4 anything!
i know most of us are but at that age you havent the sense to know what to take and when to stop!
Ok I kinda disagree

So I am 18, a year off from his age and next year I am goin to Ibiza, that would make me 19 when I am there. I dont think 1 year is gonna make a mad difference in maturity but I know for one the some of us "young kids" can be responsible and laid back. Take for instance I dont drink, I did when I was 16 and havent since, numerous offers and such I just dont, dont do drugs either even though some of my friends are into that scene. Just cause you're young doesnt mean you dont have common sense. Oh and Im not goin to Ibiza just for the clubbing scene either, although Im not saying I am gonna stay away from it :oops: , But I am going for the beaches, the sheer wonder of the place, I cant wait to see the sunset and hopefully if I am lucky the sunrise. Anyways thats beside the point. I think that some (not all) 17/18 year olds can be responsible and have fun. Although I am totally basing this on my habits so mehh what can you do.