Advice on clubs in Leeds


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I'll be in Leeds on Saturday 1 November and was looking for advice on decent clubs that night. Would prefer something intimate and funky/soulful house.

Not exactly "Funky" or "Soulful" House mind, underground end of Deep House.

Recent listings have included/will include: Heather, Brett Johnson, Iz & Diz, Freaks, Derrick Carter.

I'd say it's a safe bet for a blinding night ;)
Basics is a house music club which seems to play whatever they want, and pull it off very, very well as they have been doing for over a decade. Rehab where Basics is currently based is also a decent venue, although not as big as when they were at the Pleasure Rooms. The club is themed as a hospital-clinic as per the name, with the staff all dressed as doctors and nurses, the toliets look like something out of a spaceship, and the decor inside is unique. You should enjoy it, Basics didn't get voted Best Small Club of the Year last year for nothing.

On Saturday 1st November it's Freaks/Classic Tour and Ralph Lawson in the main room, and Simon Mu and Tiefschwarz in the smaller upstairs room. 10pm - 6am (£10 before 11pm, £12 there after)
Hey folks - I'm planning a big night out in Leeds on Saturday night with ma kuzza :D! However, neither of us have been before. I'd love any recommendations on bars and/or clubs especially with a friendly, laid-back, party vibe! Any dress code policies would be great also. Thanx in advance!!
Thanks for the info - SpeedQueen sounds like a funky night out :D or H Foundation @ Basics could be a possibility! Just in case I can't drag ma kuzza aways from the late night bars, are any of the following to be recommended: Oslo, Atrium, brb, Townhouse, Sutra, Mook? or any others for that matter (mostly gleaned from - a top site!)

Thanx :D :D
town house is for posers only! no party atmosphere at all!

for a cheesy kinda night, try Creation.