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Me and a bunch of mates are planning going to ibiza next year for a holiday at the end of june. Can anyone reccomend any hotels for guys who will be out to party 24/7?

Looking for a hotel not to close to the clubs but walking distance?

Whats the best part to go to?

San Antonio Bay is where most the action is and its 5 minutes walk from the West End where all the drinking goes on and also Es Paradis & Eden which both host some big club nights aswell

This year I stayed in the Mar i Vent Apartments, and loved it. The rooms were excellent, nice and clean, but more importantly, parties everywhere. Every one in the place is there to party and the atmosphere is brilliant, theres always something going on the next morning after the clubs have shut (and before they open!) Location is perfect aswell, just over the road from 2 supermarkets, 5 minutes from the West End and literally 30 seconds from the Sunset Strip

I'll be there in 09, first week of July

i was in hotel hawaii in san antonio many year ago when i was younger, ie with family. is this anywhere near the clubs your on about?
Hotel Osiris is near the Hawaai and thats 10 mins walk from Bar M - I've just come back although not recommended for day partying etc.......bit to quiet for that! We saw a hotel right next to the Hawaai that played music loud all day, decks set up evrything!! Can't think of name now :(