Just wondering if anyone knows the little kareoke bar at the end of san an bay? Went Ibiza a couple of years ago and spent many a night in there drinking the best cocktails...anyone know it?
Could that be Zinema Bar next to Bar M, across the road from Es Paradis and Eden?

My pal Warren (DJ Woz) is DJ/Karaoke host there.

DJ Soulman 8)
no. the bar formerly known as active is at the other end of the bay. it's a tv sports bar now.
bonjour...could be kristals a lil cocktail bar i frequent in the west end
the bar was called active...stephen said its a sports bar now.
Mitsumadness said:
jsmith4519 said:
kristals a lil *beep*tail bar i frequent in the west end

isnt kristals the pure tiny bar, last year they had 3 very hot PRs, hope theyre there this year

A tip when visiting Kristals: Avoid the chilli vodka!!! :eek: