Acor Apartments?



Has anyone stayed at Acor apartments before?

Just wondering if its a nice place to stay for couples.


take a look :!:



have you been there? whats it like and is san antonio easily accesible from there?
Stayed there 2 years ago. Not bad if you get one of the bungalow type apartments which are set a little into the grounds. The picture of the pool you can see a white building if you are staying around there you should have somewhere nice to stay.

Minus points pool is very small. About 15 mins walk to Cafe Mambo etc
25 mins to Bar M. You might catch alot of taxis. Its also on the top of a hill sort of. Beach is about 10 mins away.

Quite closeish to Kanya and Coastline

hope this helps : :)
September 9 thru Sept 17, 2002

I know that June, July, August, and Sept are good dates... but, IS the date mentioned above a good date?

will be purchasing my plane tickets tomorrow...


ayuda.. GRACIAS
i stop at the acor 2 years ago, not a bad place, its spread about a bit and was just a little to far to walk in to san antonio, yet seemed a waste for a taxi ride if you know what i mean. You are up on a hill so walking home can be a bind for sure. still it was nice enough!