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Anyone know anysites where there are absolute f***ing genius people on funky house? I got this track in my head and I dont know who its by or what its called but its AMAZING! Sure I heard Morillo drop it at Pacha a few years back and Yousef played it at Cream's 10th bday. It sounds like a vocal singin, 'never, never...' before this PHAT bassline kicks in :)

Any ideas?

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I think the song your looking for is Runnin by Alan Braxe. The vocal actuall goes together,together and then an awesome bassline kicks in. We call it 'the song with the bassline'. It's a couple of years old now but it stll rocks the dance floor when it occasionly gets played now! It was played at an afterparty I went to on Sat morning & I went mental when I heard it.
hi! sorry no more info!

I do know its not so much love to give (quality tune:)) or intro running (yet another quality tune:)).

Thinkin bout it it is quite similar to the Alan Braxe track, but its more pitched down than intro runnin tho!

ARRRGH! Head-f*** or wot?!
yeah, I think thees been some mix up here.

The actual song title is:

Thomas Banglater and Dj Falcon - Together

(Its NOT Runnin/Intro or So Much Love To Give)

It starts wit a man (althought this bit gets rarely played) speaking this sample: "A Time has come to make a decision. Are we in this thing alone, or are we in it, together?" And then repeats the word "together" loads of times (which doesnt stop throughout the tune), before the mental bassline kickes in which repeats every 8 beats, sort of

derr-nerr-nerr-nerr derr-nerr-nerr

(If anyones on soulseek, drop me a line, and download my bootleg of this with Candi Staton - You Got the Love)
If you like your bass heavy french style house music there's a couple more I can seriously recommend

Archigram - Carnaval
Audio Bullys - We Don't Care (Buffalo Bunch remix)

And anything on Crydamoure records. ;)
Cheers people! :)

It is 'Together' :)

My copy sounds a bit shit tho, bass line isnt that fat! Off to find a better copy now, thanks again :)