a MUST read for all music fans



Hey folks, I just finished this book and felt obliged to discuss it.
The book is called 'last night a dj saved my life', and what a read it is.
It follows the full journey of dance music from its begginings in the northern soul scene, to reggae, disco (disco will never die!!!), hip hop, house and techno.
Anyone who appreciates quality music in any form will really enjoy this book. Couldn't believe that ole SIR Jimmy Saville was so influential and important to dance music. Next time I go out i'm gonna save a minute for ole jim, cause he definately fixed it for me (you see what i've done there, I've made a pun on the show......never mind!).
The only problem is this has left me in desperation to find some of the tunes that the book talks about.
The track that, 'apparently', was the biggest disco tune was 'Love Is The Message - MFSB. I'm now looking for it on the net, anyone who has got any website's that could help my search would be really appreciated.
check out the book gang, it really is that good. Just wish I could have seen Larry Levan before he died
Yeah read it a while back, really good book about the clubbing scene covering loads of genres.

You should also try:

Adventures in Wonderland
Pump up the Volume
Class of 88
Sex Drugs and Excess in Ibiza

ive only read one book that i can remember and that was the lost boy by dave pelzer, anyone read it?
Altered States by Matthew Collin - the best book about the rise of dance
Adventures in Wonderland by Sheryl Garratt - more up to date but a bit too heavy on the commercial side
E for Ectasy by Nicholas Saunders - Chemistry for beginners
Food of the Gods by Terrence McKenna - chemistry for apes
sounds interesting....any good books about Ibiza, and about the Island - Need a more up-to-date version, as the books speaks about "KU" istead of "Privelege"!!??!!
(For your info, KU was the former name of Privelege) ;)
Adventures In Wonderland has an excellent, quite up to date (2001) chapter on the history of music in Ibiza