A last-minute trip 12-15 June 2018


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Been quite a while since I put up a review so thought I'd finally fix that seeing as I now know how to upload pics !! If you want to read about 3 days of pills, coke and big clubs, just close the thread and move on. I did manage a wee party so I can just about get away with posting in this section. Going to come in bits as I'm now back juggling "real life" but I'll try to get it finished ASAP.

A tortuous start

After moaning on here about extortionate hotels and overpriced flights, the May cheap seat drought finally ended as fares collapsed a week or so into June. An 'online friend' from Aberdeen with a common interest I'd been chatting with for over a year was out with a group and he'd been after me coming over at the same time as them for weeks. I'd been in Zakynthos the weekend before and we'd all but written the chances off as next to nil. Part of me really couldn't be bothered to travel again so soon, but the weather finally looked amazing and I got that "calling" that's hard to ignore - and June is 100% my favourite month to visit.

The skyscanner searches began in earnest late on Sunday night. They were flying back Wednesday so I had to get out there early Tuesday to make things work. Got Manchester to fit and by 3am Monday the plan was set. Near enough !

Up early on Monday, the current "healthier me" pushed down fatigue and kicked off with outdoor circuit training which gave me the push I needed to get organized - there would be no sleep 'till I got on that plane the next morning. Even last minute managed to get my currency from Post Office online to collect same day at a very decent rate - check it out if you don't use currency cards. Proper meal, pack, 2 diet cokes in the car to stay awake, tunes on and I was on the road by 2.30am.

Managed to book short stay multistorey for the wrong Terminal so MUCH huffing as I hoofed it T2 to T1 with way too much luggage at 5am, fuelled by optimism for a great few days to come. Jet2 bag drop was surprisingly well organized but the same can't be said for "Fast Track security". First you have to trek to a different level to use it, then on arrival it was dead slow and stop. Waste of money basically !

On board in the extra legroom back section of a 757 things started peacefully until a rowdy group clearly put there with no other seats to allocate them arrived and took up the rest of the row. Earplugs went in, neck pillow on and I braced for a battle to snatch some sleep. We finally taxi'd out 1.5 hours later after it emerged the caterers had loaded the wrong aircraft. Muppets. Hopes of being hooked up and out by 1pm melted away. So wrecked by now I did manage to sleep a couple of hours and woke to a tower of beer cans beside me.

Life improved dramatically in the Terminal and I had the keys to my Hyundai Tuscon before my case came off the carousel. Ipod worked in the stereo and finally, it was all behind me. A glorious day awaited.

Checked into the Fiesta Milord in Cala de Bou, a Palladian resort hotel really not up my street but the best of the options I had for my budget at the 11th hour. Extra charges for fridge, kettle and safe worked out about 17 Euros a day. Robbing b'stards :rolleyes:. But sod it, now had everything I wanted !!!

Quirky little room with a "showcase" shower within the open plan bedroom, only the toilet was closed off. But a balcony with a lovely sea view right over the water taxi dock. Just big enough to be comfortable. Couldn't really complain !

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Did the sensible thing and unpacked, stacked the safe, showered and then managed to arrange the meet-up that had seemed so unlikely only a couple of days ago.


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A wee afternoon out

Thwarted by the car park opposite Ibiza Rocks Bar being closed off, I picked up Paul & Dave from beside WIPS a little after 3pm. Paul was the guy I'd been talking to for over a year online and Dave was a friend of one of his mates, who turned out to be a really sound guy and was someone he'd only met a couple of days before. They all work offshore in the oil industry, on a 1 month on / 1 month off basis albeit in different locations. The rest of Paul's group was twatted by the hotel pool after Circoloco the night before and a tonne of day-drinking to follow and very likely would have changed the dynamic of our day a lot if they'd come along. So he didn't invite them :lol:.

Paul actually spent 3 months in Ibiza a few years back one Summer - but didn't see anywhere apart from San An, PDB and Ibiza Town. Getting sucked into the party scene and being without a car, we'd been chatting for ages about the rest of the island and he really wanted to see more. He was absolutely fed up of having to "babysit" newbie mates without the nowse to take responsibility for themselves the last couple of days and was well up for a little adventure.

We had a quick chat and I flicked open a map. As Paul was a little sunburned, concensus was to head straight to the Torre d'es Savinar and leave the sea for later. Couldn't think of a better way to start a trip. Thanked the stars for the SUV when we hit the Camino, bundled all valuables into a rucksack, left the windows down and headed to Es Vedra. There's not a person alive who wouldn't be awestruck when first arriving here. The little cave had been cleared out - only a couple of little ribbons in evidence and otherwise all but empty again.

We trekked up the hillside to the Tower in the heat, which was locked up when we arrived. One advantage of being with more intrepid people (Dave having spent years in the Army and Paul being a natural explorer) is that barriers are seen as challenges to be overcome. Suffice to say Paul managed to get into the Tower with a little imagination and perseverence, even if it did mean some climbing and crawling over broken glass on the way ! Dave and I followed and we got to spend time on the top of the Tower together with no-one else around for ages. Two couples eventually arrived but although we gave them a wave neither were going to try to get up there. It was the perfect place to crack open some drinks and totally relax in an unbelievable and special setting. I probably wouldn't have persevered trying to get into the Tower if Paul hadn't instigated it and immediately it was clear we were already bouncing positively off each other being together.

Sealing friendship with a person you've only spoken to online face-to-face and making another friend in such a short time was one of those moments I reflected on afterwards as the special magic which seems to happen so often in Ibiza. Does the island just draw the like-minded together or does it catalyze a loss of inhibition and "guard" so people show who they really are without regard to convention, background or any other barriers ? Who knows, but once again I was with two people I felt I had known for years in the space of a couple of hours.

We navigated the loose path back to the car and with it cooling down a little, Dave was keen to experience a bit of the wilder side of the coast. I decided to take them to Punta Galera. The mojito and trinket sellers had their stalls out and as we headed past them the place started to work its magic. I wasn't too sure about the best places to jump from so had a swim around with a mask and found a couple of spots. Nothing too dramatic but nice and wild anyway !! Dave was a natural and Paul got over his trepidation and took the plunge off the rocks too. It's a lot harder with a very strong swell getting yourself out of the water than it is jumping into it !!! The water was cool for June but as we were all roasting from Es Vedra it was nice and refreshing.

The wind picked up a little and we decided to catch a sunset. I took a chance on Benirras and we arrived to a very quiet car park after 8.30pm as the day was fading. But as we turned the corner the drummers were drumming. Dave had never been to Ibiza before and by now he was drinking in the energy like a sponge. Paul wasn't really expecting to see anything like this either as I'd been a bit reticent about what we were likely to find there in case there was nothing doing. I think walking in on the scene on that beach unexpectedly is something that must surely make a lasting impression, especially if you've only seen the San An / PDB side of Ibiza. However jaded some of us are about Benirras and the politics of the drummers !

The sun dropped below the clouds that had formed before it set and slipped into the sea. The end of a wonderful day. Dave and I were absolutely starving so we decided to have pizzas at Restaurant 2000. Not the best pizzas on the island for that price but they came quickly and when you're that hungry .... !!!! I dropped back two very relaxed and reflective guys to the top of the road by the Highlander in the West End, to sort out room keys with their friends. They ditched a night at Amnesia in favour of an earlier final night - think I knackered them out :spank: :lol:.

Dave got very little sleep with the others in the group coming in and out of the room till early hours and Paul had a quieter one till 6am. I drifted back to to Cala de Bou and made arrangements for the next day. I was well ready for my bed and it was going to be an envigorating morning. Still couldn't believe I only arrived at lunchtime. God bless Ibiza :cool:.

Excuse the editing - my first go with new software and limited time ... but I put this little vid together for us. Thought I'd just share it here instead of posting a bunch of photos / vids.

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Hi A, we checked out of Milord at 18:00 on the 13th....after two weeks internment....
Oh no f'kin way - wish I'd known you were there I'd have loved to come say hi and hook up for a drink. Mind gets a bit overwhelmed with these last minute trips I can't keep up with who's where or what's what !
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Wednesdays start on the water

6 hours of quality sleep (comatosed) and woke to a wonderful sunny day.

I'd committed myself last night to a 10.30am meet down at Es Torrent near Porroig. If there's one thing as nice as being on the water at Sunset it's being on the water in the morning. Conditions weren't good enough to justify renting a boat but I was determined to get out on the water any which way. The wind was from the North and the waves from the West, a very strange combination, and Germán (SUP Ibiza) was taking a paddleboard tour out down that way which I'd decided to go hook up with.

Dave had wanted to come as his flight wasn't 'till 5pm with the others leaving a lot earlier, but when I messaged him about a pick-up in San Antoni he was in no condition - having got next to no sleep yet again last night his batteries had simply run out and couldn't pull it together to check out and exit that early. It happens !!

Couldn't face going to a buffet breakfast room so made myself a filter coffee in the room, organized my stuff for the day and was on the road just after 9.30am. It's a very pretty area down there - don't go often enough. I'm early and there's already a local guy having a play in the little bit of surf on the Eastern side of the pebble beach. 5 Stars for effort !!

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The day was now heating up and I was itching to get out on the water. Right on cue, Germán's van arrived with some of his customers, all the boards in tow. Would soon be off now.

P6135743 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

He kindly gave me my board and paddle and suggested I just head straight to the water whilst he did the little tutorial for everyone else, as a lot of people go on these trips never having paddled before. Music to my ears. Left the little restaurant behind and was off. The others showed up at the water's edge about 20 minutes later

P6135708 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

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Things did get a bit choppy moving round the bays especially later - the location had been selected to be as sheltered as feasible and was fine in the bays themselves, but there were a few fall-ins whilst people got their balance and worked out that paddling on your knees in those conditions if you're not too steady really does work. All good laughs.


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On the way back we stopped off to go through a tiny cave passage in the cliff lying face down on our boards as the roof of the passage was so low in the middle section. Hands became paddles and I just used the roof of the tunnel to pull myself through half way through because the current was pushing back on the board. Nice feeling emerging back into the sunshine.

German in cave by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Cave 3 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Cave 5 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Our trip was over a little after 1pm and everyone had a great time. Felt alive and ready for the rest of the day.

P6135744 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Said my goodbyes and hit the road again. I was going to go to Cala Llentrisca but something inside me was fighting it. Can't explain it but I know when I feel that it's better to follow your gut.
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I swung by Playa d'en Bossa to see if my flyboard mates were up and running on the beach in front of Sirocco yet. No sign of them and asking in the restaurant, seems the local council hasn't sorted their licence yet. Same old story - the restaurant said they were losing business because the jetskis and flyboards bring people down to that side of the beach and you would think that they could get a summer licence issued by June with an extended Season now.

Almost went and looked in on Bora Boring but in the end I just couldn't be bothered. PDB seemed much as it always is !

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I hit the road instead and decided to head back somewhere I enjoyed last year down Salinas way for a couple of hours. There's a unique atmosphere round the salt flats and it's always nice driving through there.

P6135747 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

It was near here my eagle eye spotted a ditched car just off the turning to Cap d'es Falco .... curiosity got the better of me and I pulled into the car park of the little shop just beyond and hoofed it through the bushes down to the road for a sneaky peak :lol:. Couldn't resist a snigger when I saw what was ditched there with the recovery truck in attendance - I posted the photo on a Winter Residents facebook group and the comments were hilarious. Not to mention it's not an especially difficult stretch of road to stay on for an even half competent driver. Can only assume the wife was giving it in the ear when it happened or something :lol::lol::lol::spank::spank::spank:

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Salinas looked busy enough in the main section and quieter near the sailing club end. I was ready for some swim time alone and didn't stop for more than a brief glance.

P6135759 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Managed to get parked on the little dead-end Camino at the entrance to the National Park and set out past the fishermans' houses.

P6135755 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

The air was thick with the scent of pine in the heat of the mid afternoon. I was very happy here enjoyng Salinas from a distance.

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Decided not to venture too far and found myself a quiet little spot to swim and sunbathe.

P6135751 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Had my phone with me for once and Dave was messaging saying he REALLY didn't want to go home. Think he came close to binning his flight but in the end the prospect of explaining things away to the other half likely prevailed and he resigned himself to his fate - making sure he can come back with minimum resistance is a far more important goal than short-term self-indulgence. Sensible lad !

I'd made contact with @fhmsparkle just before coming out in the few minutes I managed on the forum before my flight out. Seems we were both on our own that evening and she had an early morning flight home. We decided to hook up for a sunset drink. I gradually dried off, gathered my things up and bid fond farewell to the far South.

The access to the Camino where I'd parked is pretty hairy and by now there were so many cars parked there it was impossible to turn the car. The only option was to reverse it all the way back with a higgledy piggledy stone wall on one side, a sheer drop on the other and very little room for error. It was my turn to sweat at the wheel. Thank god for reversing cameras they really did help me. Really shouldn't have been taking pics but had to remind myself lol.

P6135757 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P6135758 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Not one for the feint hearted or banjaxed that's for sure !

There's always a sense of relief and slight elation after extracating from spots like that with the car (and yourself) in one piece !!!

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Especially given it's only early June I've really noticed the huge increase in cars on the roads this year. Didn't venture into Ibiza Town as it was bad enough last couple of years but even the Ronda now seems to take longer to get to San An than the St Josep road because of the queues at this roundabout >>>

P6135763 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

It's fine once you get through it and I still love the sight of San Antoni coming into view in the distance.

P6135766 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Was back later than expected and @fhmsparkle kindly walked to my hotel rather than me heading in towards San An to pick her up. Gave me more time to shower, change and rearrange the chaos of stuff from the day. Kumharas was just round the corner from my hotel but we headed out to Cala Conta as she'd never been. I also fancied going there more !

We were early enough for a spot in the dirt car park before the barrier and Sunset Ashram was as you'd expect - packed with every table reserved - so we grabbed a wine and freshly squeezed orange juice (served in plastic as we couldn't get seated inside :lol:) and staked our claim to a good spot on the steps. It's obviously a touristy spot but the location is truly stunning and you've got to see the sunset from Ashram at least once in your life.


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has to be human error - RRs are custom-designed to deal with far tougher roads...

love the little huts in the rocks - never seen them on the mainland

great pix - keep 'em coming


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I wanted to show @fhmsparkle a slightly less touristy side of Cala Conta before we left, hoping they were up and running as I hadn't been able to get anyone on the phone to check. We headed round to Cala Escondida on foot and down the winding steps. It was packed out and full of happy people bursting with atmosphere. We both instantly felt we were in the "right place to be" !!! I absolutely love this place it's everything I want from a beachside bar in Ibiza. A couple of live instruments were getting played acoustically and there was much dancing and cheering round the bar stools. It couldn't have been more of a contrast from Ashram.

I had a chat with the lady behind the bar about getting a seat to enjoy some comidas and we were put next in the queue. Couple of drinks in real glasses and we got seated right next to the top of the wall at the water's edge soon enough. A falafel wrap and chicken tagine arrived promptly, both delicious. So glad we made it here. Got tempted to a couple of tasty cakes for pudding too - elegantly presented on a slate with a sprig of mint and fruit in the simplest of settings.

The bucket of sawdust and compost toilet are just part of living 'off the grid' - this place has great eco credentials and so glad to see it built again this year.

P6135781 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P6135779 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Everyone was in high spirits

We knocked back a customary Hierbas chupito and headed back full and happy. Thankfully I remembered a torch so we didn't have to fumble for phones and after a little wandering found the car safe and sound. Was great to meet you @fhmsparkle and thanks for a lovely evening, one I'll definitely remember !!

Back at my hotel reality dawned that I had to check out in the morning. Last of my drinks in the fridge for tomorrow and I weakened, fired up the computer and had a couple of beers on the balcony. I'd bought a few but the guys were on the water and iced tea yesterday and they were destined for the bin otherwise. Well I don't drink in UK any more and waste not want not :lol:.

It was Carl Craig all night long at Cocoon with Sven on a break this week and for reasons I can't explain I just don't like the guy behind the decks. The temptation had been removed for me.

Packing up got too depressing to finish and feeling underslept I decided to set an early alarm and crash out. My days of doing 3 days on the trot with no sleep are behind me, and I knew I'd enjoy my last day a lot more if I did.
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That's a proper review if ever I saw one - really enjoyed reading it and it's so nice to see a different side to Ibiza :) The whole party party party thing does get pretty tiring after a while!

I think going to Cala Conta really made my holiday and it was great to meet up with you too @kimajy - it was the "icing on the cake" as some might say :) I always love to try new places to go when I'm in Ibiza and this was totally my kind of thing. Instead of feeling burnt out when I got home I felt like I'd had a proper break and was a different person to the one who left Bristol that Monday morning!

Roll on September :D 12 weeks tomorrow and I'm back on the magical island!!