A High Wind in Ibiza


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Ibiza, like many other places in Spain, has been battered by high winds over the last couple of days. On Friday temperatures soared by 7 or 8 degrees and heralded the arrival of gale force winds.

Reports say that gusts reached 122 kilometres per hour and caused chaos and damage on the island. Everywhere, trees were uprooted, billboards blown over, electricity supply was intermittent and phones went down. Travel to and from the island was impossible by sea and many planes were cancelled due to the conditions in mainland airports.

Worst hit was west coast town San Antonio which received the full force of the gale just as it did last October. Local resident Mary Ann Taylor, who provided our photo, was out walking her dogs and discovered at least 26 boats which had broken their moorings in San Antonio Bay and been washed ashore at Arenal Beach. Official sources say at least 5 boats have actually sunk in the bay and over 30 are stranded on the sand.​

Thankfully, today the weather is back to normal and everyone is busy clearing up after two frenetic days.

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