6 weeks to go

decieded to stay in san an bay......really love villas but end up driving all the time as most are rural from jamesvillas....thought we'd try the riviera again..it's all inc..but thats for conveniece really...only 3 of us going this time ..my 2 eldest are over 18 so please themselves and my boy is doing exams..
suppose i'll hire a car for a couple of days don't think i can go without visiting san carlos grill,cosmi @ es gorch,cas pages and jason and greg at grannys bar es cana for a session...with them 3 restaurants and the double dragon and little india just down the road i can't see me eating much from the hotel...never mind i'll cain their vodka before i go out at night instead....:lol:...have you sorted anything for this year yet
Karl,very surprised you have chosen the Riviera again !
Was recently reading reviews of hotels in the area with thoughts about staying for the first time in the bay. Came across the Riviera, oh dear..:eek:

Holiday Watchdog,Trip Advisor etc,the majority of reviews were tragic..

And for all inc. customers they run out of vodka !!

Many robberies,and not dealt with properly the list goes on.......:evil:
yeah i'm really looking forward to it:p.....never bother with holiday review sites..as some people seem to complain no matter what....and if you leave your money in your suitcase and don't bother renting a safe,then your asking for trouble..
tbh look at the last 5 reviews...some say it's dirty..some complain they get disturbed by maids cleaning.i chose it mainly cause of location..if they run out of vodka i'll go to la sirenis and buy my own.:D..or i'll drink in bn3 or peppers..
hey karl..I will never run out of vodka....or let my big jugs run dry... bring that quiz on :eek:
don't you worry love we'll be there having a go at your quizzes...and you know how much i love to get my hands on your jugs:eek:....5 of us coming now..as natasha and one of her mates are coming