48 hr clubbing marathon



so my friends and i leave ibiza on tuesday the 23rd....so we figure we are going to attempt a 48 hr clubbing marathon..heres the tentative schedule

sundays at space : sunday 8am til monday 6am
dc 10 monday 8 am til monday 11pm
release yourself @ pacha 12 -9

anyone want to join us :rolleyes:

-the bloke whos gonna pass out on sept 23rd
id say that u do that but i'd also recomend that u get some sleep for about 4 or 5 hours between space and dc10 its easy to do and u will stand a better chance of having a top time
also u won't miss much if u leave space at about 3 or 4 and get back to dc 10 at about 8 or 9.
sounds like barbie and her bloke are gonna join the marathon.....better not flake ;)

-the bloke
All i can say is, GOOD LUCK.
My marathons are yet to come no way i'd last 48hrs just yet. :eek:
well good luck "the bloke"
gotta say i tend to need my sleep to charge me batteries
but if you can go the mile R E S P E C T
have a blast