4 Ladies in Ibiza August 23 - 29



Hello Everyone!

4 ladies (all Ibiza Virgins) from the U.S. will be in Ibiza from August 23 - 29, staying on Talamanca! Haven't decided exactly which clubs/parties we are going to yet. Are there any places that are better for people to go who are in their late 20's, or are crowds in all the clubs pretty mixed?

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
if you hit the sunset bars the crowd tends to be a little older than the west end, all the big clubs have a mixed crowd and age never becomes an issue when you go in. I'm 32 and have been going now for the last three years and i can not remember a time when i've felt apart from the time a did a water party at es paradis (don't tell any one that i went) :oops:
Hi Mattech

The best place for older crowd is Pacha probably followed by We love Sundays at Space. (you have just go to do these 2)

Its my 4th year on the Island and i'm going with my brother his gilrfiend my best mate and his wife, were all in our late 20's early 30's going the same weeks as you, staying at the Arenal San An bay.

If you fancy a meet up let me know :D


i would deffinatly agree with the other guys pacha, and cream are a must as is space you get all ages of people around there, i'd avoid the west end it's just full of drunken kids, but hey that's what they like so who am i to judge!!

also you cant go wrong in ibiza town some great bars and restaurants, plus you might wanna give some of the gay bars a visit just for a change.

anyway enjoy!!!