3 girls and 1guy



I'll be in Ibiza from 11the till the 21st. Normaly we would be six of us, but the two other guys can't come...
So can somebody help me whith theez girls. They're hot, but need a lot attention. And poore me, I can't do it on my own!
Just let em off the leashes when they get there.

They'll find plenty of studs down the West End to excercise on :lol:
Can't help u out buddy as the gf is coming with me but we'll gladly met up if you like. There's quite a few of us meeting up and I think Space on 21st is gonna be renamed We love Spotlight @ Space
Help is on the way :>

Oh what is a guy to do ;)
If you still need help lemme know.. I"m goin solo 09/14-09/24/03


APB 8)
We'll be there the 11th sept. At playa d'en Bossa.
If you'l help, that would be great. But I have to say that they're supperficial. Looks are important for them...
I must also say, that they're one by one real hot guapa's!
Still intressted?
Sounds like the kind of women I hang with. I'm still interested, but not gonna play the sugar daddy.. :p

Do you have any pix of them.. ? I have some I can send ;)
help is eivissa from 13/09 - 17/09

Still need help? I'm going to be there from 13th - 17th! Interested in seeing more than just Playa d'en Bossa?
We'll be staying at the Jet app. So, if you want to meet the girls, just send your pics. I do have some pics of the girls, but god knows where I've saved them.
Ricko1213 said:
Not at all. That's kind a nasty thing to say.

Just kidding with ya Rick!!! Your touting birds though aren't ya, just your offering them for free. At least pimps have the business sense to charge...
Ha ha!!!!
Say what???????
Only a ho lover, thinks that way! And it isn't my intenstion at all. They would like to meet some plesant people. And so do I, so what the ***** is the problem?!
I'm going to be at Jet from the 18th to the 22nd....I'll PM you