2wentys ibiza


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Goin with 2wentys this year, went our 1st time with 2wentys and it wer quality..does eni 1 know the events they do now? Do they still do the sunset cruise day out? tht was one of the best days in ibiza !!
Not sure to be honest. Most their stuff is a rip off like the bar crawl - You can just follow for free if you really want someone to take you into bars that anyone can go in.
you can do most things a lot cheaper than they charge.ok only thing maybe you will not be with others in the 2os group.but that pub crawl is a big rip off.only taking you in bars they choose.best to go to the smaller pubs and bars and give them your hard earned cash.you will fine them to be a little cheaper as well.if you can find a bar called the boozer/landlord is john.he was on ibizauncovered years ago.say hi to him from me will you.woody.he might say something crazy about me and it will not get you cheaper drinks.but he is a really nice chap.smart clean bar as well.a lot of people meet there in the evenings.
orite sound..yeh ive heard tht b4..think we will end up jus doin a few stuff..jus opin the sunset cruise is still with them, the best day in ibiza ive ever had tht !!!
Bar crawls are free of charge - they dont charge anymore.

But on a bar crawl you will pay full price rather than buy 1 get 1 free or whatever the PRs are offering....

Only thing worth going on is the sunset cruise as you get all inclusive champagne punch and it was only about €25 for 2 hours.