25+ deep house track IDs 1990-93...are you old skool enough?



I've finally got around to going through all these old mix tapes that I had, and have uploaded mp3 files recorded at 24kbps so the files are 200-450KB size each, depending on the length of time I recorded.

Before I start listing, may I say that I'll mail a copy of a mix to anyone who sucessfully ID's a tune, although I may have to track down that tune first...depends on how sure everyone is. However I've also posted these links up on several other forums but suffice to say that anyone who does me a favour here I will endeavour to return it at some point in the future.

First up is the LTJ Bukem deephouse mix from '91 entitled "Mellow" now I'm down to the last 5 tracks out of 28. Probably my favourite mixtape of all time...

LTJ_B6 Please disregard the track being mixed out which as everyone nows is the classic 'Who Needs Enemies' by Red Light ;)

A classic mix and I've already mailed this out more times than I care to remember and everyone loves it.

The majority of the rest are from 13 mixtapes of this guy who used to DJ locally where I went to school in Essex, UK back in '90-'91. I was just a whippersnapper then but I collected all the tapes and have now distilled them down to the créme de la créme. His name was Steve Reynolds, last I heard was that he dropped out of djing, sold all his records and went travelling...but anyway cheers Steve, your tapes have brought me hours of listening pleasure :)

SR_1B12 possible ID as a track from one of Todd Terry's Unreleased
Project, jog anyone's memory?
SR_2B9 possible ID as a Roger S track on Soundshaft????
SR_3A2 a Farley/Heller production???? more of a progressive tune than deep house but good all the same
SR_4B7 ID'ed as 'The Afterworld' by Underworld on Strictly Rhythm
SR_6A11 possible ID as an early Danny Tenaglia deep house track with Peter Daou on keyboards????
SR_6B11 possible ID as something on Smack Rec.????
SR_7A3 possible ID as Wag Ya Tail 'Xpand Your Mind'???
SR_7A5 possible ID as a Tony Humphries/Frankie Foncett production????
SR_7B1 possible ID as a Marshall Jefferson/Umosia track???
SR_8A7 possible ID as a track by R.E. on Clubhouse Rec.?????
SR_10A5 Ummm a house version of Steve Arrington 'Dancin In The Key Of Life' but I've been unable to find out more about this.

Next up, 'coz I know you're lovin' it lovin' it lovin' it is a Roger Sanchez mix tape from '92:
And a couple of ID's from Mr.C mixes from around the same time:

Fast forward to a few ID's from the last 5 years...

Phew, this has taken alot of work to get to this stage, so thanks in advance to anyone who can help me :)
Any chance of a copy of all those MIxes and i will do my best to I.d those tunes or alternatively are they available to download.. 8) I am an Advit collecter of ols mixes i have quite a few i can send to you in Return.. :D
I will I.D a few for ya when i get home on my own PC.. :D
nice one comin' at ya, BUT I've checked on discogs.com and there heaps of mixes...
is perchance the original release? or one of the remix twelves?

sean - I'm sorry but there's 13 mixtapes of the Steve Reynolds stuff and I haven't copied any of them onto cd. The Bukem one has been though and I've done probably 40+ copies of it...sure if you ID some the tracks above or even if you don't manage to recognise any we can do a mix swap. :D [/url]

If you go for the original you will get the mix you were looking for , they are all pretty similar just some with a few extra instruments playing on the different mixes.

But , you could go for


Which has my personal favourite mix on it which is almost identical to the one you posted but without some of the noodly jazz over the top. And if you did go for that then you get quite a few other tracks on it as its a double pack and believe me I am not into my vocal stuff that much but they are QUALITY.

Oh , and one more reason to go for that one is that it was released recently so you should be able to get hold of it

Hope that helps.
thing I can't understand is if this guy is from France, why does the 'Heart Of Africa' tune slag off French people? :confused: eh...
'the only reason French people can't really dance, it because their language has no tonic accents' etc..

is this his Gallic humour? :lol: