20 ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers

Not a direct complaint as such (theme)
Overheard at reception," Give me the sun,the mirror and the complaints book"
This woman wanted to complain because her son had run into a wall that she seemed to think should'nt have been there :rolleyes:
What I thought was funny with her request was the order of priority.
LOL I had a right giggle reading those comments.

Being from scandinavia originally, this really happened in a hotel once (OK not a complaint but a question worth mentioning):

An american (no offence!) tourist at the reception asked: Is Lapland open on sundays?


I wanted to say: Yes it is but you're way too late buying a ticket.
this weekend

someone complained this weekend in the bar that she couldnt hear x factor because of the thunder and what are we going to do about it !!!!!!!!!:eek:......!!!!!!!!!