2 girls in ibiza. 4 september. need help. first time

hiya its mine and my mates first time there too we get out there on the 31st of aug we can meet up with u and im sure we can have a wicked time exploring ibiza ware u staying?
we are going to stay in san antonio in ses savines hotel from 4 to 11 sept.
and u? :)
good idea to meet and explore ibiza :D
Will be there starting september 1st..
Where are your girls from? what type of music do you like?
Cool! Who is corvin dalek? never heard of him..
My friend and my friend are from Canada/Australia and we will ba at Appartments Sirenis Abeque on September 1st-8th
hi were staying in the la palmera its a good hotel cus its right in the west end so ware do u want to meet up?
i'll stay in ses savines hotel, and we can meet at cafe del mar if it's ok, at 6:30 on 4 sept :D

hey guyz l'm staying in san ant from 4th-11th aswell looking foward to going, maybe we could meet up maybe go CREAM on the 5th what do u say?
Me and my Mate are heading out on the 30th of Aug so we could all meet up !!!

I have been on Ibiza the last two years. I had my best experiences at Bora Bora beach and Space on sunday. This year you should not miss Tiesto at cream amnesia. I heard DC 10 on mondays is hot this year.


cafe del mar it is at 6:30 on the 4th of sep give me a clue of wot u look like looking forward to it