18th September- Travelling solo to Ibiza and keen to meet up


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Hi everyone! I have never been to Ibiza before and was lucky enough as a 32 year old to get both vaccinations. My friends were not 'lucky' enough to be in the same boat as me so I decided to go for it alone and thought well... why not!
Would love to meet up with people, make friends and have a greate time. No idea what I am doing yet but if you fancy connecting that would be fantastic.
I am outgoing, caring guy who loves their music from the UK and happy to meet up with anyone regardless of gender, gender, nationality, creed, age etc :)

Dan Gruner

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Hey dude, I shall be out there from 7th - 11th and the way things are currently looking, will probably be solo. Staying in San Ann for the first couple of nights, then either staying there, or moving to Bossa. Would love to meet up, so drop me a message. :)


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Hi guys, unfortunately I came up against it and not able to go anymore. Thanks to those who messaged and hope to see you guys over there.
I have rearranged my flights for 18th September so if anyone fancies meeting up then that would be great. X