16 - 19 September


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hi guys, i am coming at 16th at 23:00 staying in San Antoni and thinking to party at Pacha, Subliminal night, anybody interesting to party together?

i am thinking to go to Cream @
Amnesia 17th and Supermartxe @ Privilege 18th [FONT=&quot], anybody thinking the same?

i am 25 guy and this is my first time to Ibiza, hope to meet some nice people

Heh Moh,

First time in Ibiza too....12-27th Sept

Monday 12th Privelege
Thursday 16th Pacha
Sunday 19th Eden (Closing)
Tuesday 21st Amensia
Thursday 23rd Amensia (might still be there from tues...)
Sunday 26th Space (Closing)

Anyway if you're interested in that line up, let me know.

Male, 33, and hetro.