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    recommendations for mixed groups

    We are getting married in ibiza and wanted to arrange something for the wedding party to do the following day. It will be a Sunday in August. Is there a recommendation for a beach bar or a venue with a pool we can reserve an area for a group of around 35 people for drinks (and potentially...
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    Hair and make up

    Going to ibiza next week for a wedding and the other half is in a panic because she cant find anywhere that will do hair and make up on day of the wedding. Any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome
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    Moving To Ibiza - Are Their A Lot Of Wedding Planners On The Island

    Hi, I am looking to move out to Ibiza for the summer and want to start working Wedding Planners on the island whilst there. I checked on Google and there does only seem to be 2 or 3 individuals on the island who work for themselves and who are not part of a bigger operation with a full team in...