1. DJDoubleCee

    DJ/Shuffling Video

    Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.
  2. A

    Solo visit May 7 to 14 love EDM and dance

    I am an easy going music loving mature man going to Ibiza on my own for the first time. I would be happy to go to a club with a like minded girl to just dance and enjoy music. Maybe also share watching an iconic Ibiza sunrise. I am English but speak some Spanish.
  3. ibizamemories

    Professional dancers - a question:

    If you dance professionally for a living in the major nightclubs (as in, not strippers), are you affiliated with one club or one regular event for a whole season or do you get work from night to night wherever you are offered. Put another way, could you work at Amnesia, Pacha and Space in a...