1. Ste Proudlock

    15th To the 22nd September

    Going it alone this time... Second time on the island this summer, looking at these nights: Saturday 15th Amnesia - Elrow Sunday 16th Hi - Cream Monday 17th DC-10 - Circoloco Tuesday 18th Amnesia - Together Closing Party Open to other sugestions... anyone wanna get messy?? :p
  2. elgreco

    Flying Solo 25th - 28th, DC-10 Circo Loco, Solomon at the port

    Hello All, I'm flying out on Monday 25th until Thursday 28th - bit of a spontaneous trip so I'll be on my own. The two events I'm coming for are Circo loco on monday at DC-10 and the free Pasha Solomon set at the port. If anyone fancies joining me for them or meeting for a drink some other time...