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  1. Discoallman

    *** ibiza gossip 2018 ***

    I think it’s mostly kids peak season and mainly in the terrace not the main room. Correct my if I’m wrong just feeling I got the last time I went that was 2015 though Went to closing in 2014 was a better older crowd 24+
  2. B

    *** ibiza gossip 2018 ***

    In 2014 they had a night called 'ibiza calling'. Rem the flyers for it. Was edm mostly i think. I keep flyers from each season when im there. Dj bl3nd is 1 of djs. Hardly underground music
  3. mr_why

    *** ibiza gossip 2018 ***

    I love how you think 24+ is an older crowd haha! But I get what you mean. Suppose the question for Cream people is, which of the two rooms is the real Cream these days? Maybe that is a stupid question, but is it the trance side, or more the EDM / Big Room House guys?
  4. Pittley

    How has your Ibiza holiday changed over the years?

    V that VIP and Celeb Set, their followers and the models move on, hope they might be gone by next season, if not next season then the overnext,,,
  5. "ibizatom"

    Eddie Halliwell like set

    I seen Oakenfold at cream last year. He played quite abit of trance then. OH. clearly missed all them then ha. Never been Driftwood. looking forward to it this season :)
  6. Nobbie Q

    Paradise at Dc10

    Yeah same, coming on July 13th Paradise date so hopefully it's not that bad.
  7. Ikoda

    Eddie Halliwell like set

    He'll play some, as it's part of his Generations tour, but can't see it being trance. And it'll likely be modern stuff. I'd honestly give anything to see '99 Oakie. 2014 you had Colours, Driftwood and Sunk too ;) And the first year of Captured (They did two events that year as well). And...
  8. Clara

    Restaurant reviews 2015/2016

    Do any of the locals (or people who've been this season) know if the restaurant in Ibiza Town by the walls of Dalt Vila that was previously Blonde (in 2014) and Angelo's (in the 2000s) has re-opened? It was such a lovely spot with beautiful views.
  9. Linus

    Meet new ppl in ibiza june - ?

    Hi i just rented an apartment near marina looking for new friends , im from sweden in 30 years old i been in ibiza for 1 season 2014 ,and i have good connection if u want to be in guestlist for free at the most clubs send me pm with number or fb and we hook up :)
  10. mr_why

    *** Ibiza Gossip 2017 ***

    Again, this is just guess work and reading between the lines, but I am guessing: - Fanciulli will be part of Ushuaia/'U Club' or part of something at Vista? - MK - I mean he is pretty 2014 now - does he really have a pull still? - Luciano - I went to one of his nights last July, and Pacha...
  11. "ibizatom"

    Eddie Halliwell like set

    Jules's radio one show was epic back in the days trance was prominent. My first visit to the island wasn't till 2010 at the dazzling age of 22. I know judgement was on its way down then but always heard the stories of it from older ravers from when it was judgement Sunday's and wanted to give it...
  12. stivi

    Guy Gerber's Rumors at Destino

    just checked, will stay similar indeed: Revered producer, DJ and label owner Guy Gerber returns to the White Isle for the 2017 season, with another edition of his much-talked about residency RUMORS. The DAY TIME EVENTS series will run for a full 22 weeks, taking place every Sunday from May...
  13. Discoallman

    Paradise at Dc10

    Attending not this wed but next hoping it isn't totally rammed as it's more peak season. Didn't enjoy it when I went in 2014
  14. I

    - Ibiza clubs to close at 06.30am -

    o_O "... Up to 31 are the records that Sant Antoni is pending against Amnesia for breach of times. If 15 complaints were filed against that club during the last tourist season, now the City Council has met 16 other serious crimes that correspond to the summer of 2014 and that the previous PP...
  15. perrylgooner

    *** Ibiza Gossip 2016 ***

    I will be in attendance and will be going in around 3AM... regardless of the big hoo-hah made over closing times last year, I cannot see this one ending much earlier than the usual opening closing times. I have to say comparing against 2015, 2014 and 2013 this is a poor opening lineup.
  16. I

    stupidity in ibiza reaching all-time high

    SUPERMARTXE ... wonder how anybody can be THAT stupid to voluntarily replace (i think since last season) their great and perfectly fitting flyer-design for their friday´s party @ privilege - and give you 100% GARBAGE like this ... => Supermartxe @ PRIVILEGE 2016 ... instead ?!? ps: to make...
  17. jezz1838

    San Antonio night life?

    Any reports on how the west end/San antonio is doing so far this season considering the panic last year with people saying it was the quietest ever in 2014
  18. stivi

    ibiza spotlight 2014 season preview online

    hi guys, i've deliberately waited a little longer to put this online. contains everything you need to know regarding ibiza 2014 - happy reading :)
  19. Clara

    What hotels have you stayed at?

    Yes, a few times since 2014, including one of the suites before moving to the villa for my wedding. :cool: Great place and if you want to do a bit of partying/chilling out afterwards but still feel a bit pampered, it's perfect for my needs. I'd recommend an upper, sea-view room though, ideally...
  20. white_isle_calling

    Any new parties next year?

    Could be way out, but all signs point to Luciano. No? I know there were (that word again) rumours at the end of 2014 season.