Are you a Naturist????

Discussion in 'Clubbing Open Chat' started by naturism rules OK!, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Hi, my fella and i are both nudist's :D and so we are wondering if there are any other nudist's out their who log into the ibiza-spotlight forum's and who have nude-bathed whilst holidaying on Ibiza or Formenterra??????
  2. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    Wouldn't call myself a naturist :eek:

    But did once sunbathe nude at Formentera!

  3. Ahhh Formentera such an idylic island for nude bathing 8)
  4. jamesthemonkeh

    jamesthemonkeh Active Member

    I appreciate nudity but would probably only do it for a giggle
  5. Dual_Life

    Dual_Life New Member

    I was just at a gay pride parade in Toronto... It was funny how much fun a straight guy could have at a gay pride parade... three words... 2,000 naked lesbians! :D :D :D :D :D
  6. makka

    makka Active Member

    :twisted: sounds like my kind of event :lol:
  7. matt collins

    matt collins Active Member

    No. Too many fat ugly germans...
  8. Tony

    Tony Active Member

    apart from agua blanca in the north, the far southern end of playa d'en bossa and the far western end of salinas or the whole of canal ( watch out for shirt lifters - apologies to the politically correct ) which are acknowledged as being for those of a naturist persuasion,most beaches are available to those that wish to feel free!
  9. <<Nico>>

    <<Nico>> New Member

    Es Cavallet is supposed to be a nude beach, but I was there and it's more a gay beach (male) than a nude beach, and most of them have their shorts on. You're better of at Ses Salines beach (the end the furthest away from El Canal).
  10. Terrier

    Terrier New Member

    Es Cavellet is the islands official nude beach. One end of the beach is more or less exclusively gay (close to the Chiringay beach bar).

    The other end is more mixed. My wife and I were there for a day in June and it was pretty chilled although there was a one or two folks popping there head over the dunes to have a gander every now and then !! The middle region is very quiet and thats where we tended to settle ourselves.

    The part of Salinas close to Sa Trinxa also has a fair degree of nudity. There is a good mix of people in this area and you get the impression that nobody cares what people are wearing or doing. Its a very easy going area.

    PS - I wouldn't have really considered myself a naturist either but once you get that kit off it feels very natural and normal and even though I wouldn't neccesarily go out of my way to do it again if I was near a suitable beach I wouldn't hesitate.

    Its really no big deal, just do it :)

    PPS - swimmings also very nice, especially of you take a loved one in with you ;)
  11. russ

    russ Active Member

    amen to that, brother

    NITEFLY Active Member

    what,like your nan!
  13. Terrier

    Terrier New Member

    I have a shapely sheep I smuggle out in my hand luggage that I'm particular partial to but the fleece tends to get very waterlogged and therefore extremely heavy in the Med Sea.

    This soggy sheep syndrome tends to spoil that potentially tender moment when my beloved grass muncher tries to wrap its legs round me in an effort to stir up some saline style passion only for my legs to buckle under me . . . . .
  14. MARKB

    MARKB Active Member


    FPMSL :D
  15. kinky

    kinky Active Member

    I'm just comming home from Formentera and I like Illetas and you can go to Illetas by boat from Talamanca - you can be nude on all beaches on Formentera, except Es Pujols

    The 30th july I'm going to Ibiza Town and then I will go to Salinas around Sa Trinxa - a realy good naturist beach - you can go to Salinas by bus from Ibiza Town

    I hope to meet other naturist people ...
  16. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. djchewie

    djchewie Active Member

  18. Olly

    Olly No longer active

    a lot of nudists on Barceloneta Beach today (kept expecting the plod to charge in and make mass arrests) I WAS with my Gran on the promenade but neither of us felt especially inclined to join them
  19. icebaer69

    icebaer69 No longer active

  20. silvia

    silvia Moderator

    You can go naked around town by law in Barcelona and actually by law you can lay naked in every beach in Spain...

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